In-migration by age groups in the Copenhagen region

The following map shows the sum of in-migrants in the years 1996 – 2005 by 10-year age groups. Not surprisingly move most 20-29 year olds to the city, while 50 – 79 year old move to the coast far away from the city.

Sorry about the missing legend:
Red means high in-migration relative to regional average,
blue means low in-migration relative to regional average.
Yellow means around regional average (-0.5 – 0.5 Standard deviation).

A report on internal migration in Denmark, also broken down by age classes, was done for the Council of Europe in 2001. It can be found at


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  1. […] maps on in-migration by age groups around Copenhagen (this Figure 17 on page 359 was unfortunately wrong cited – its also one of mine and was also published in byplan vol. 63/2, page 15), […]

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