Anti-urbanisation and self-employed business in the countryside around Copenhagen

With my colleague Lise Herslund I analysed in-migration of people in their midlife as well as retirees in the countryside around Copenhagen. Finally we published an article in the Danish planning journal “Byplan” (Vol 63, Issue 2, pp. 12-16). The text is in Danish language. Here two figures from the article. The first one shows the increasing share of elder people in the total number of intra-municipal migration. Out of around 200,000 persons changing the municipality in the case area each year, around 14 % are between 45 and 74 years old. End of the 1980s it was only 10 %.

The second figure shows the attraction of the municipalities to four age cohorts. The midlife and retirees group are considerably attracted by municipalities close to the sea, not necessarily close to the centre of Copenhagen. A mirrored development shows the in-migration of 15-29 year olds, which are attracted by the urban centres of the region.

You can read the full article (in Danish) here: Herslund & Fertner (2011) “Hvem kan udkantskommuner tiltrække?”, byplan, vol. 63(2), pp. 12-16.


~ by landblend on 10/04/2011.

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