Urbanisation in Europe 2000-2006

The map below shows the intensity of urbanisation in Europe from 2000-2006. The more red an area, the more natural surface (i.e. agriculture, forest or wetlands) land got tranformed into artificial surface (e.g. urban fabric, transport infrastructure, industrial or commercial areas). High rates of urbanisation can be seen around Dublin, the major cities in Spain, the Dutch Randstad, Budapest and also around Tirana in Albania. Especially the last was striking for me as I do not have any clue about urban development in Albania. But it seems like there are considerable tranformations going on.

The data is based on CORINE Land cover data from the European Environment Agency. I aggregated the changes to urban land to a 10×10 km grid and calculated the share of natural surface that got lost. The last version of CORINE also includes data for the UK, but I did not had time to update the map yet.

Urbanization in Europe 2000-2006


~ by landblend on 12/07/2011.

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