Population development of small towns in Denmark

Although Denmark is a rather small country, their are relatively big differences in development in the areas around the bigger cities opposite to the more rural areas (see e.g. “the rotten banana”). In a current research project we focus on the development of small towns in Denmark. In an earlier post I showed the population dynamics in towns by different size before and after the crisis, showing a strong shift towards the bigger cities. However, as the diagram below shows, there is quite a difference where a town is located. Small towns in central locations around the conurbations of Copenhagen or Aarhus have a rather positive development. Small towns in peripheral locations (as defined by the Danish planning law and in the project “stedet tæller”) had less growth before the crisis and are currently stagnating or even shrinking.

This is part of a paper presented at the EURA 2012 conference in Vienna. See also
Fertner, C. & Groth, N.B. (2012) Challenges and prospects of Danish service towns in the new urban geography. In: Book of abstracts: EURA Conference 2012. Vienna, pp. 82-83.


~ by landblend on 12/10/2012.

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