Number of Facebook users in Denmark, by age

With a colleague I am currently working on a small contribution to a project on Danish service towns. We wanted to focus on the virtual representation of the towns in the internet. While trying to collect various data from the “geoweb” (and getting frustrated because of the little activity we could find so far), we also came across Facebook’s “create an ad” webpage. The interesting part for us is that you can get an estimate of the number of Facebook users according to different characteristics like their place of residence, age, marital status, interests etc. Below you see a diagram of Facebook users in Denmark by age groups. It shows, unsurprisingly I guess – that almost all persons in Denmark below the age of 29 have a Facebook account (some even two), while this is the case for only 1 out of 6 persons at the age of 65 or older. In average around the half of all Danes (3 million) are on Facebook.

The graph is in Danish. The title says “Facebook accounts per 100 inhabitants in Denmark, differentiated by age groups”. There is no data available for persons under 13 years.
Data sources: Facebook (15/10/2012) and Statistics Denmark (2012)


~ by landblend on 18/10/2012.

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