Word cloud on energy in the social sciences

Two weeks ago I participated in the Nordic Environmental Social Science (NESS) conference in Copenhagen. Together with Ylva Bretzner and Catalina Turcu I had the pleasure to moderate the working group on energy provision and efficiency. We had really good discussions in the group and I learned a lot from the 13 contributors. Below you can find a word cloud of our combined notes, reflecting the main issues we talked about.


You might wonder why the word “energy” is not visible. I excluded it because it would marginalise the rest of the words. I also excluded a range of “common” words, which told nothing about the content. The word cloud was made in many eyes.

NESS is a really great conference with very interesting and nice people. For each paper we had min. 45 minutes. However, the presentations were restricted to 15 minutes as all papers were sent to the working group participants before hand. Also, there were two opponents selected beforehand who gave feedback and time enough for others to join. So although it was a conference with 150 participants it more felt like a small seminar. The whole setup was a really great learning experience, thanks to all contributors.


~ by landblend on 26/06/2013.

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