Small towns restructuring – new findings from Denmark

We just got published an article on the restructuring of small towns in Denmark.

Small towns are often considered as losing out in the current trend towards urban development. However, research from around Europe shows a great diversity of small town development, including successful development trajectories despite geographical disadvantages.

Population change per city size class, Denmark
Small towns with 1,000 – 5,000  inhabitants grew (on average) more than larger towns from the next size class and considerably more than smaller settlements or the rural countryside, which lost population in the period 2008-2013.

In the paper we examine how the restructuring of retail and service sectors, demographic composition, residential migration, social organisation and community engagement form and affect small town development patterns and specific place-based endowments. Our findings show how favourable development paths are a combination of a positive development in population, provision of daily commodities and attractive housing, and a high number of local voluntary social organisations. Introducing the concept of ‘residential urbanism’, the paper discusses the extent to which a residentially driven urban development can compensate for the generally unfavourable regional development context.

You can freely access the full article here:


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