Publishing relations in our institute

A while ago I got hold of a list of current publications of employees in our section and institute (IGN). The network graph below shows how persons are connected by co-authored publications. You can also look at the results here.


Each circle represents one IGN staff member, who had at least one publication in 2014-2015, co-authored with another IGN staff member. Authors are coloured by section or research group (only section of Landscape Architecture and Planning).

Line connections represent co-authored publications. The thickness of the line represents the number of co-authored publications, weighted by the total number of authors of each publication.

All types of publications registered in the Copenhagen University Research Information System (CURIS) included. The graph does only show relationships between IGN staff members. It does not illustrate or include

  • the total number of publications
  • the quality or type of publications
  • publications with a single author
  • publications co-authored with external persons only
  • staff members who have no IGN co-authored publication

Analysis and graphics were done with Excel and Gephi 0.8.2.


~ by landblend on 05/07/2016.

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