Denmark opts out new JPI Urban Europe call

I was excited to read about the fifth JPI Urban Europe call last week. Unfortunately, after joining JPI Urban Europe again in the fourth call, Denmark is not joining the new call. Countries Denmark often compares with go far ahead in this joint research initiative, including Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands. Of course, also other countries like Italy or Finland practiced ‘on-off’ participation in @JPIUrbanEurope over the past years. However, this time Danish urban scholars miss the seldom chance to join forces with scholars outside Europe, as Brazil, Japan, the USA and several others joined for this call. This makes me  wonder especially as the call is on sustainable urbanisation and the food-water-energy-nexus, where Denmark, at least in regards to food and energy, has several political priorities and quite some economic interests.


* Australia and South Africa join the SUGI call, but have not yet published the budget.
In a previous post I compared the funding to GDP PPP – have a look here.



~ by landblend on 18/12/2016.

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