Copenhagen’s Fingerplan under review

In 2007 a modern version of the famous Fingerplan of Copenhagen from 1947 became a national directive. Since it has be adapted in 2013 and 2017 and is currently again in review, called the “Fingerplan revision phase 2“.  The ministry is working on a draft which we will be out for public consultation probably in a few months. However, this time the ministry opened up for changes of more general principles of the plan  and initiated a broader discussion, e.g. during a recent conference or by asking municipalities to send in their concrete ideas and wishes for the new plan. Municipalities sent in around 150 comments ranging from different zoning changes to more general ideas of the extent of the urban area in the plan or also general statements of support for particular elements of the plan. A colleague of mine wrote a blogpost on his concern regarding a potential diminishing of the green wedges (in Danish). In the same blog, another comment regards the challenges for current and future transport patterns, which are different from the original idea of Fingerplan – less in-out of the city centre and more crisscrossing the whole region, arguing for a general coordination council. A joint spatial vision on the regional scale, e.g. in regards of urban and transport planning or nature and recreation, would be necessary to evaluate also minor changes and there impacts.

The map above shows the approx. location of the comments. You can find the full list on the ministries homepage.


~ by landblend on 11/01/2018.

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